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    2018年11月8日 · Exhibitions
    2018年11月5日 · Applications
    2018年11月5日 · Applications
    2018年11月5日 · Applications
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    Calcium formate




    Re-dispersible Powder

  • About Cemotech

    Cemotech is a chemical company that developing, producing and marketing chemical additives. With its products Vinabond® Redispersible Polymer Powder, Ultraplast® Superplasticizer, Quickset® Calcium Formate, Gypstar® Gypsum Retarder, Cemotech is supplying many customers in construction industry all over the world.

    Cemotech is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and had implemented a strong quality control system, thus make our products more stable and consistent in quality. With rich experiences in this industry, Cemotech understand better our customers' needs and we're selling across Asia, Middle east, Africa and Europe.

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    Redispersible Powder



    Polycarboxylate & Melamine based

    Calcium Formate


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